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Katie & Mark July 18, 2009

Happy 1 week and 3 day anniversary !! Woo Hoo Hope you all had a great honeymoon!! Your wedding was gorgeous and the reception was a blast. Leigh and I had so much fun watching everyone dance and dress up for the photo booth. What a great idea!! I will keep you posted on you pics. Please call me with any questions you all may have. take care.

Well, this may have broke me. Every (or at least most) girls dream is to have a response like this from her dad on her wedding day. He just melted when he saw Katie and who can blame him. Thank god I can just switch to auto focus because this moment just about killed me along with every girl in the room.

Father/ Daughter moment!!

I have to say Leigh and I couldn't stop smiling when we saw this gift. This truly might be the first wedding gift that a couple could really actually use and didn't just WANT. Way to go who ever gave this!!!! Hats off to ya!